Friday, 7 May 2010


With so much going on this week I have already found myself behind with my Blog before I've even begun......

I was recently asked by a regular Guilty Pleasures habitué to design something fabulous for a Hen party she would be attending in Brighton. I knew right off that I wanted to steer away from the usual Hen fare of handcuffs and L-Plates - if this was going to be a real Guilty Pleasure I would have to start at the bottom (quite literally) and see where the mood would take me.

I needed inspiring, I needed a muse but most of all I needed a night out! A few days after the initial consultation, I rounded up a group of exciting chums for a GP Theatre Trip and very soon found ourselves in some marvellous seats at Priscilla The Musical at the Palace Theatre, London.

Well I was looking for inspiration and found it in spades, amazing costumes, feathers, boobs, bums and muscular thighs. Not only was this the most inspiring show for this particular cake it was a blindingly fun night out for our group. Somehow, one costume stuck in my mind (and there were hundreds! Actually on a culinary theme I should mention the 6 drag queens dressed as lime green cupcakes, spinning to a fabulously disco MacArthur Park)! Anyway, during an outback inspired "I Will Survive" Bernadette shows her travelling companions how to lip-synch with all the gusto and glamour of a former "Les Girl", wearing an amazing leopard print jumpsuit which got me thinking about the basis of the Hen cake....

Now I had the more than enough material to work with and decided to hand paint leopard print onto my cake and trim with black marabou for an extravagant look. Then it was back to the biggest "What" of all. Just what could top this creation with all the style and panache befitting of me? Ok so no L-Plates and no handcuffs and definitely no saggy condom festooned veils...well that only leaves one thing for a Hen Party;

So Ladies and Gentlemen I proudly present "Backstage, with Sonny, Rod and Marco"

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x


  1. I am not sure what I enjoyed more... reading your thrilling account of how your got your inspiration, or looking at the end result. If only Sonny, Rod and Marco were based on real hot guys, I would demand to know where they hung out (with my excuse being I wanted to borrow the fake tan!!).

    Your blog really has made me smile, I cannot wait to read your next instalment and see your next wonderful creation.


  2. As you know I am your biggest fan and just love all your cakes. Can't wait to see more
    'Guilty Pleasures'.
    I also see that you have found yet another reason to hit the theatres, for cake inspiration...... [oh, really]!!!


  3. OUTSTANDING - thats how I see it!! How fantastic, altho not sure whats worst, having mum stand over me whilst she showed me it or her asking me to enlarge the photo haha, good for you on this, I know where to come for a guilty pleasure next time ;o) be good to catch up soon xxx Shaun