Thursday, 1 July 2010

Pick A Side!!!

We all have our Guilty Pleasures but mine seem to be getting outed recently and the funniest thing is I don’t feel so altogether Guilty about them anymore – after all if we all love John Barrowman its nothing to be ashamed of (is it?)
The enjoyment I take from most GP’s (and I’m not talking ER here) I had always assumed was down to some kind of Peter Pan complex (presumably brought about by my Mothers unswerving adoration for Sir Cliff Richard).
I’m still instantly cheered up by the music I used to love “back in the day” and if you look at my iTunes you would be horrified (but let’s be honest, not shocked) to find a never ending dirge of retro classics by Steps, Deuce and Tatjana (there is also a bit of Gaga, Paloma Faith and the largest collection of musical theatre (surprise!!!) you have ever seen). So, stupid things make me laugh and Disney on Ice kicks ass but again everyone who is honest with themselves loves these things too which brings me on to my point and ....the cake (finally, you say? Sorry I couldn’t hear you over the Kylie and Danni duet version of Winner Takes It All)!
A huge and very much shared (you know who you are...) Guilty Pleasure right now is the whole, very fashionable Vampire thing. I cannot get enough!! True Blood is just brilliant and the only thing keeping me from going to New Orleans immediately is that I have tickets for a screening of Eclipse on Sunday!!
Whilst frantically reading through the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner before Sunday (after all she will be in the film for approx 31 seconds) I have even had the time to make my second in the line of Twilight cakes.
My very dear friend was turning 30 and I knew this would be a perfect opportunity to get the creative juices flowing again.
This time my focus was purely filmatic and without any thought for myself, forced myself to rewatch Twilight and New Moon over and over again just to get the feel right. As you can imagine it’s a real wrench to have to sit through these movies, after all they are not always bare chested!
There was never any doubt as to where I wanted to take this cake; I wanted something romantic but also exciting and fairly realistic. This wasn’t going to be easy but after a few hours (on Edward) and 4 and a half minutes on Bella (oh come on who looks at her) the cake started to take shape.

So you think that Edward, lying back seductively sparkling, is magical and mysterious? However the greatest mystery was Edwards disappearance mid party! This gorgeous Twilight creation suddenly became just a cake with an oddly shaped girl on top. We are not sure where he went but in true Vamp style he was located several hours later, reduced to dust, at the bottom of a handbag. Poor, poor Edward...let us kiss it better.
So I think it’s time to decide, are you Team Edward, Team Jacob (or Team John.....)

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x