Friday, 8 October 2010

A Real Guilty Pleasure......

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May Contain Spoilers....and will, most certainly contain Nuts!

As you know its not often I write about something non cake related but life's not all about buttercream and lemon sponges (or so I hear..) The last few weeks have been rather crazy for Guilty Pleasures what with pulling together what I now refer to as the gorgeous "Autumn Collection" and attending glamorous hotel launch parties. (It should be said that at one point last week the "Autumn Collection" caused what I can now only refer to as a colossal "Cake-down", in many ways rather like your normal common or garden Breakdown but very clearly cake related....)

So tantrums and sugarpaste tiaras swiftly dealt with and happy "Pleasurites" now devouring my rather elegant autumnal creations, I felt a little time out of the test kitchens to indulge myself in something decadent and terribly naughty was well deserved. Unfortunately, I've always been dreadful at keeping secrets so its absolutely no surprise to you all (providing you've been keeping up with my blog of course....) that my biggest (and possibly only) Guilty Pleasure is Mr John Barrowman.

With a perky little spring in our steps a dear friend and I found ourselves sat mere feet from the stage at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 4th October. In a fun twist our little twosome did mirror the entire audience as a whole, but I will save all our blushes and leave that train of thought.

I wouldn't want to give too much away about the show but I have not had such a fantastic (fantastic, fantastic) evening in a very long time!! To say that the audience hung on every word that he said and sung would be a huge understatement, my friend and I were astounded with just how popular the great JB is! (We had thought he was just our little secret...). So along with the entire Albert Hall we laughed (Spiderman/Wonderwoman medley is quite frankly inspired and hilarious - please note anyone with a nut allergy should look away now......),

.....we cried (Don't Cry Out Loud and Rule The World were particularly teary, of course that could have been the wine....) and danced our sequined butts off (too many to say but we did have an extremely energetic (for us) boogie to Lets Get Loud and I Am What I Am - for anyone unfortunate enough to witness, I would like to add that my dancing was very much fuelled by Mr Pinot and his brother Grigio at this point of the evening...)

John also had a special guest for this tour, the fabulous Jodie Prenger. I was thrilled! Jodie is extremely talented and rocked the hell out of Proud Mary and Mambo Italiano amongst other great numbers. Not only did she belt out some fantastic tunes she had us in stitches with her mad monologues and pure genius comedic timing.

I have to say the people in the audience were amazing and I have to thank Ann (who took a bus from Wales at 5am to get to London) for sending me the photos she took of the show! They have prettied up this blog a treat!

So all in all a great evening for living our wildest Guilty Pleasures (bloody tube strike aside) maybe I'll see you all there next year.......if your honest with yourselves, you know you want to come!

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x

NB: Ok so I've "shown you mine" now "show me yours". I'd love to hear your Guilty Pleasures - I'm sure you'll agree, sharing is fun my gorgeous "Pleasurites".