Sunday, 28 November 2010

Belated Birthday Treats

With so much going on lately I have found myself a month behind what I wanted to be posting (not including the 4 month delay with the Legally Blonde post, of course...but I promise its coming...)!
So we're a month into my thirty something'th year and already we can see that my blogging punctuality has not improved, however what a treat for the office my birthday was!

The Guilty Pleasures Tasting Menu:

It was an exceptionally popular menu ensuring lots of smiles and full bellies (although I should say this is no thanks to London's stunning (er?) transport system and the Mayors inability to stamp out tube strikes. Having to squeeze onto an overcrowded bus with 60 cupcakes, 58 cookies and a tray of brownies is no fun what-so-ever especially when said bus then sits in traffic for 45 minutes on a 10 minute journey)! Anyway as I'm no longer bitter about this I'll run you though the cupcakes as they deserve a special mention (besides I only have photographs of them ;o)

Starbucks Creamy Cappuccino:
So called as they are made with the fantastic new Starbucks Via, wonderful tasting instant espresso for the rich Starbucks taste at home (or in my cakes....) I topped this fragrant coffee cupcake with creamy vanilla buttercream, my gentle nod to delicious steaming vanilla lattes which I enjoy 11 months of the year before they break out the Gingerbread/Eggnog lattes!

Black pepper and Strawberry with Champagne:
Delicious Delicious Delicious. Maybe the only thing missing here (if I'm being overly critical) is a slice of fresh strawberry to adorn the light yet decadent Champagne frosting. However the glistening rose gold does add an expensive and celebratory looking finish. The fresh strawberries and fiery heat of the pepper were perfectly balanced in a moist cupcake topped with silky buttercream infused with crisp chilled Champagne, the real secret here is how much went into the frosting and how much went into my glass....lets just say the rest of the afternoon went by in a relaxing fuzz.

It just wouldn't have been my special day without bringing along old Rosario to partake in the festivities, but this time I dressed her to the 9's (after all a birthday should have a little sparkle and zhuzh)!

Limoncello Meringue Pie:
Combining my love of comfort eating my way through traditional English "puddings" and my wink to all things deliciously Italian and boozy. A light lemon cupcake was "cored" and filled with a heady limoncello curd and topped with a marshmallowy meringue before getting a light toasting by one of my favourite kitchen gadgets, the blowtorch! With all the booze and flaming blowtorches in the kitchen that day it was incredibly hard to resist a Flashdance moment, as I/m sure you can imagine!

Thai Lemongrass & Coconut:
If you can never seem to get round to booking that World Trip or holiday to far flung places the best thing to do is experiment in the comfort of your own home, specifically the kitchen. I love the delicate warmth of Thai lemongrass almost as much as I love calling it Thai Lemongrass and not just lemongrass, but twinned with an exotic and creamy coconut frosting these cupcakes were a real taste of paradise without the hours of travel usually required (OK, aside from the extended, smelly and bumpy bus ride courtesy of Boris).

So that's it for another year although my daytime colleagues will be happy to know that they are just a mere 25 more sleeps away from my annual Christmas Eve Snow bombs and Yuletide bakes!

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x


  1. Aaaaaaahhhh is your company hiring? I wish I was one of your lucky colleagues after seeing those amazing cupcakes!
    Great job (for a change!) Mr Guilty Pleasures :)

  2. I was lucky enough to taste one of these delights (OK, I may have had two....). Not even David Beckham could distract me when I am mid flow through one of those cakes. Pure decadence.