Sunday, 5 December 2010

Totally "Gleeking" Out!

Ever since reading Nigella's Kitchen (See previous posts) I have been dying and if I'm completely honest, rather obsessed about re-creating her awe inspiring luridly green "Grasshopper Pie".

For this dish Nigella was inspired by an episode of everybody's favourite.... Glee (oh come on, we are supposed to be honest here, besides it's just you and me and I promise not to tell a soul...ssshhhh it's our little secret). In this episode Terri Schuester is still pretending to be pregnant with her husband Will's baby in an outrageous attempt to hold onto her man and in doing so is literally shovelling piece after piece after piece of Grasshopper Pie into her face (after all she is eating for 2).

So I've been on the edge of my seat watching Glee with one foot in the kitchen waiting for the opportunity to get cracking on this disturbing looking pie. However fate is not always kind to me and I have found myself on the longest and most dispiriting (really I promise no pun intended...) hunt for one of the pies main ingredients - that old lady Christmas staple, Creme De Menthe. You would think that my "old lady" liquor cabinet would be overflowing with the stuff but actually I had to make room for the Chambord, Chinzano and Advocaat in the run up to Christmas)! Not one single supermarket, off licence or corner shop within a 3 mile radius has this alcoholic mouthwash (actually maybe Listerine would have been an excellent substitute), either this is seriously out of fashion or there are a lot of drunken old dears living around GP Towers!

So with a heavy heart I was on the verge of giving up this quest until fabulously foreign Lidl pulled through with a dubious Vodka based Chocolate Mint liquor this week and what a bargain, less than a third of the price of old CdM too! Well today we are back in the game and with my Glee student over for dinner later this evening I'm hoping to impress and win back some Kudos since I am now at least half a season behind her!

Well, I promised before that there will be more Glee inspired treats coming soon (any excuse to hitch myself to whatever bandwagon, or should that be "show choir" wagon, that's passing through town). As I am now hotly awaiting my Glee - Live Tour tickets I should think I'll be busting out some celebratory cupcakes when Mr Postman finally comes ringing.....(twice).

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x


  1. Fabulous post! You write so beautifully.

    The pie looks fabulous, too!!! xxxx

  2. I did not just look fabulous, it did taste fabulous too (and that comes from someone who one day sworn never to eat anything that had mint and chocolate at the same time!).
    Loving your writing too Geoff!