Saturday, 1 January 2011

Guilty Pleasures - The Trilogy: Part 2 – Fresh from GP Towers

It’s almost a well known fact that sequels are never as good as the original….(The Little Mermaid 2 – Return to the Sea and Elvira’s Haunted Hills for example) this follow up in the trilogy is also sure to disappoint! No, I’m just pulling your wet look leggings. I’ve actually been saving this one up for quite some time (since August in fact) some may say that’s just laziness, I say however that I didn’t want you gorging yourselves on all the good stuff in one go.

So in a hotly anticipated return to blogging about cakes (ok ok keep the cheering down) its (finally) time to tell you about the day I combined two passions, theatre and cake (I’d tell you about the other time but my mother says she reads this so let’s keep it above gutter level). On a really slow news day this would have been global. However with high hitting stories such as a vicar intending to marry his toyboy lover and Top Gears - The Stig threatening to reveal all….(and not necessarily any good bits before you start implying that it sounds kind of fun). So with all that going on in the world I wouldn’t be surprised if you missed my little news gem.

Since hearing the original Broadway cast album of Legally Blonde it’s fair to say that I have been mildly obsessed with the bouncy , catchy tunes and hilarious lyrics (if you doubt me get yourself a copy and listen to “Gay or European” for a flavour. When I heard the show was transferring to the West End I immediately cancelled my flights to New York and set about getting tickets for one of the early previews. My first GP Tour was certainly not disappointed, one of the “Pleasurites” was even lucky enough to have her ample bosom signed by Duncan James after the show. “It’s for Insurance Dah-ling, now sign Mama’s tits”. Such Fun!

Having now racked up many many more visits, a few understudy performances and a partial cast change I have to say this show fills me to bursting with the same amount of joy and fun as when I first heard the album all that time ago.

One of the really eye opening things for me with this show has been meeting the cast after the performances. It is not something I would usually go in for since I find myself star struck at the best of times (I nearly fell over when I saw Gok Wan on Tower Bridge Road recently –he was miles away….and I don’t watch his shows – in fact its negligible as to whether it was even him)! Anyway, the cast have been so overwhelmingly friendly and nice in the face of having grinning buffoons (me) and sharpies and boobs (not me) thrown at them that I wanted to say thank you in my own special way!

On one particular night whilst chatting to Sheridan Smith (who never once complained that I was slurring or smelt of champers – and let’s face it I probably was and did) I promised that I would make her and the cast a cake to show my expertise (hah) and to say thanks!

Luckily a CD signing was taking place in August at one of my favorite shops in Covent Garden so that was an ideal time to deliver said cake (after all sitting through the show with a two tier chocolate cake on my knees may have got a little tricky – I mean where would I stick the champers!)

So here’s the finished article, as you can imagine I caused further controversy by not giving any cast members their feet (but I think I may have got away with it!)

Thankfully the cake was a hit with the guys and Sheridan very kindly uploaded the following to Twitter (no, I’m not showing off but you may have missed it so I’m just filling in the blanks for you….ok and showing off a touch).

Photograher Roy Tan took the following photos and was kind enough to allow me to use them, if you are unfamiliar with his work I would urge you to check out his West End gallery, just gorgeous.

And so with Sheridan moving on from the show this month I’d like to say a heartfelt good bye from us all, we will no doubt be seeing you around the West End soon enough. And as for the rest of the cast, we will see you soon – after all its been over a month since we saw the show!

Wow, so that’s the sequel over it’s been fun and dramatic right? This will not be on the top 20 worst sequels of all time……(if it does, I’m coming after you ok!) Just one last installment and we can wave a fond farewell to 2010.

I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked

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  1. Yet again another fabulously brilliant cake. Forget JLS dolls... Sheridan, Duncan et al must have been truly amazed to see themselves in icing! A totally new concept in 2010!

    PS - Nothing wrong with sequels... think Police Academy 2, Return to Oz, Cinderella 2 - Dreams Come True and Dumb and Dumberer, all movie classics.