Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mamma Mimi

Eleven days ago I rocked the Twitter community with a crashing bombshell....Mimi Grace was shutting up shop and would no longer be the spearhead for finding fashion and beauty secrets in The City - we would, once more have to return to Carrie Bradshaw with our tails between our legs and offer up our Jimmy's as an apologetic sacrifice.

(I say "rocked" but of course, I am only influential in my mind)!

Never the less it was in fact a bittersweet day for GP Cakes, I may have said goodbye to Mimi Grace but Britney's new single "Hold It Against Me" was released - you see, its like my rather technically minded mother once said - "when a blogging door closes an itunes window opens" and you cant say fairer than that.
I read that Brit could be facing a potential lawsuit for this latest single having similarities to The Bellamy Brothers '79 hit "If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me". Having danced around the GP kitchen to Britney's song all week I don't see many myself, just a throwback to Shattered Glass from her Circus album - well, enough of my stunning music nouse - this is not Mastermind after all. (Whilst editing I checked the word nouse in Google - I assure you I use it here in place of the word knowledge. However for any readers in Portland, Oregon -its really not what you think)!

So, I'm half out the door with Jimmy's in hand (and just to be clear Jimmy Choos for gents are really nice if anyone does have some spare cash to throw at me....) when I bump into MG and discover that after a little soul searching she is throwing open the doors to her fashionista life once again - so if you can tear yourself away from my musings for a second (I know, its going to be tough but I will wait for you...) then mooch over to her place and look around. Just don't take too long or Ill be drunk by the time you return..........


OK so are you left wondering where this is going? Whats this got to do with Mamma Mia? Are we faced with another year of blogs about cakes where cakes are hardly mentioned? Well maybe, but for now just try and stick with it....

Its hardly a secret that after myself Mimi G is one of my biggest fans and surprisingly, for someone so fashion dedicated (she often turns up to the office as if she sashayed off a Paris catwalk) is a massive fan of my chocolate cupcakes - which as you know I now like to refer to as Rosario's (see previous).
This week saw the birthday of Mimi's mum (hence Mamma Mimi, lame aren't I?) and I was asked if I could rustle up some gorgeous chocolate cupcakes to mark the occasion. As you can imagine I spent several sleepless nights wondering if I would become typecast as "the guy who only makes chocolate cupcakes with roses on them" much in the same way that I imagine Danny Dyer worries people will only see him playing gritty East End gangsters or hoodlums and Daniel Radcliffe tosses and turns hoping that he wont only be remembered for waving his wand about...........

Whilst shrugging off my casting worries with "the lads" I had a flash (really no pun intended) of inspiration. I wouldn't simply recreate the Rosario I would re brand it!!
Behold, my beauties I would like to present iRosario 3.0.....*

So with a new "Classic" under my belt I feel it only fair to warn you that you may need a change of underwear when I unveil Rosariopro on the 3rd February - its going to blow your mind ;o)

*(Please note that any similarities to the Guilty Pleasures 2010 hits "Rosario" and "Glitzy Rosario" are entirely intended)

And now it’s onto the next.....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x


  1. Aurelie "A4"22 January 2011 at 15:07

    Can I have one of these pleeeeaaaaase? (or the next ones, am not being too picky here ;b )
    Glad to see we share at least two passions: Britney (we've got a date for her next tour, right?) and half (or completely in this case) naked barely-legal guys ;b
    Great post as usual!

  2. Mimi's mum says the chocolate cupcakes were absolutely delicious and enjoyed every last crumb. Can't wait for the next occasion to eat some more. xx

  3. I am not sure what I love more, your cakes or your posts! xxx