Saturday, 1 January 2011

Guilty Pleasures - The Trilogy: Part 3 – The Return of the Cakes

So the final part of the Trilogy is all about tying up loose ends before we can all move on. Its ok, you can admit you want to, I can’t hear you anyway….

As a final instalment in my looking back over 2010 I wanted to round up my top 5 cakes of the year before looking forward to whatever 2011 holds for us all (by all, I mean me really but I do love you all…)

Any gushy and rather sentimental “looking back” wouldn’t be complete with mentioning my Website. As Im sure you are all aware my absolutely divine site went live in March this year, so although Im a little early for birthday celebrations I just thought it would be nice to say thank you too all those involved in getting that up and running. And a big thank you to everyone (across the world!!) who continue to spend time wallowing in the sheer decadence of

So enough! Let’s have a look at the top 5 and if your cake is not featured here, I apologise and suggest that you try much harder next year ;o)

Fannies & Feathers (January)

Ok so its potentially rather un PC so have a semi naked woman in a cage, on a cake but this is such a gorgeous celebration of Burlesque and glamour that I couldn’t resist. The tassel cupcakes are vibrant and fun and I’m not ashamed to have this decadent specimen in my top 5.

Knitted Glamour (April)

I’ve already dedicated a blog to this particular cake but it still ranks as a favourite. I love her style and I adore the colours on this, a real touch of 1950’s summer style whilst battling through the April shower blues.

Choco Chanel (April)

I am so lucky to be living in one of the world’s fashion capitals (don’t worry I shall soon be purchasing a loft in Paris….I say soon er let’s just say maybe one day…) In living in such a cosmopolitan Fashion Capital I am of course surrounded by knock off designer goods. I say if you can’t beat em, let’s make one out of cake and join em dah-lings!

Carry On Clacton (September)

With our balmy Summers just getting started September was a perfect month to pull this cheeky little minx out of the bag. I always wanted to head towards the risqué and this embodies most of my philosophy! This is one of my favourites as growing up on the coast you either embrace naughty seaside culture or you join the Navy (in some cases ….both) Ohh I say!

Perkish Delight (December)

More of a collaboration than I would usually give credit for – you know who you are and thank you or your assistance. I admit I had to steamroller the other person on a few aspects here but I had the name before the concept!!! I know only 6 people in the world like Turkish Delight but it just wouldn’t have made sense without it!! And I have to say these are my favourite boobie cupcakes….ever!

So that’s it guys, 2010 has been a whacking huge great big bowl of fun and I cannot wait to get going on 2011. With the commissions so far I can already tell its going to be a corker! A sneak peak you say? Oh ok, keep your eyes peeled for my very first Lady Gaga, the long awaited Glee inspired cupcakes and some very very special wedding cakes.

And now it’s onto the next (year).....I’m afraid my dears there can be no rest for the decadently wicked x

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  1. My favourite cake of all time was Fannies and Feathers. I think that was the first cake I had ever seen you do and was quite simply stunned at the creativity behind it, the attention to detail and how beautiful it was. I had never seen anything like it. It will always stay in my mind for those reasons and hence that is my Number 1 Guilty Pleasure of 2010!!